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About Goin' Postal Fenton

A local owned and operated business service center. We have been your fast and reliable all-around provider for printing and copying needs in Fenton for many years. Modern equipment, expert service and years of experience have made us a trusted partner. As an active member of the community we understand the struggles of small businesses and community, we also appreciate all the many great things that those same small businesses and communities provide. Some of the best things a community can do is to Shop Local. As a small local business shopper your dollars stay in town and help provide local jobs too, a win win for all.

What we offer

  • All of today’s printing and copying services, from offsetting to digital printing.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable advice for your individual needs
  • Shipping/packing needs all in one location


We have worked for corporate stores for more than 30 years combined and we have come to realize that we wanted to know more about the community that we worked for and the people that walked through the doors. Working for corporate stores, we did not have the opportunity to do this due to so many other responsibilities and restrictions with the company itself. Now that we have opened our doors in 2010, we are looking forward to meeting our customers and truly getting to know them by name. We are all excited to be a part of this community and are excited to offer our customers shipping choices as well as vast printing services. Also visit us on Facebook at “fenton goin postal” to check out our deals and specials, “like” our page and receive updates as they happen.


Our Team



A combined 30 years in the ship/print business.


Ship/Print Specialist

Over 20 years in the ship/print business with FedEx. Local Artist.


Ship/Print Specialist

Over 9 years in the ship/print business. Local Photographer.


Package Inspector

Newest member of the family and very focused. Local energy ball.


Supervisor with an Attitude

Over 11 years in the ship/print business. Local alpha dog.
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