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Quick tips for shipping

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  1. Cushion and double-box fragile items.
  2. Include a slip of paper with the name and address of the intended recipient (and your contact information) INSIDE the package.
  3. Use a new or very sturdy box.
  4. If you must use a previously shipped box, make sure that it’s sturdy and cross out any old labels (or references to alcohol) on the exterior of the box.
  5. Seal your package properly.
  6. Don’t cover your package in any sort of paper over-wrap.
  7. Don’t use string, masking tape, cellophane tape, scotch tape, duct tape, or electrical tape to seal your package.
  8. For shipping items that are 20 lbs or heavier, it’s cheaper to ship via UPS or FedEx.
  9. When shipping items to an APO/FPO/P.O. Box the items need to be sent via USPS.

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